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Agile For Executives Training on Leeds in 15th Jan, 2020

$1,289.22 $900.51

Venue: Regus – Leeds Princes Exchange

Address: Princes Exchange, Ground, First and Second, Leeds LS1 4HY, UK

Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Course Description:

This one-day course presents a step-by-step approach to Agile for Executives. The course provides you with overviews of key principles and benefits of applying Agile methodologies.

Course Topics:

Defining the Challenges of Software Development

●     Making the Case for Change
●     What is the problem Agile is trying to solve?

Defining the Agile Proposition

●     Why Agile
●     The Agile Paradigm
●     Agile Basics
●     Agile Manifesto and Principles
●     Agile Methodologies
●     Five Levels of Agile Planning
●     Agile Benefits — including industry data, survey results and personal experience

The Path to Agile Adoption

●     Dealing with Barriers to Agile Adoption
●     An Agile Organization
●     Driving Investment Decisions with Agile
●     The path to successful Agile adoption
Learning Goals:
●     Understand Agile Practices and Principles
●     Obtain valuable information from industry surveys identifying compelling Agile benefits realized by companies worldwide
●     Gain insight into effective metrics for managing Agile team performance
●     Dispel the myth that mid and long term planning are abandoned with Agile
●     Appreciate how teams and management can build trust more quickly
●     Discuss the transition from command and control to empower and inspire style of leadership
●     Explore how to help teams to create a cadence that will enable them to succeed
●     Understand tools and techniques for promoting transparency in communication at all levels
●     Identify some of the common pitfalls Agile teams may encounter
●     Learn from an instructor with day-to-day experience implementing agile practices across multiple organizations
●     Glean knowledge of Agile team roles and where the Executive fits

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