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Agile Project Management Foundation (AgilePM) Traning in Norwich on 20th – 22nd Jan, 2020

Venue: Regus – Norwich Stannard Place

Address: Cavell House, Stannard Place, Norwich NR3 1YE, United Kingdom

Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Course Description :
The APMG International AgilePM certification aims to address the needs of those working in a project-focused environment who want to be Agile. Based on the proven fundamentals within DSDM Atern, the certification provides the ability to deliver Agile Projects in organizations requiring standards, rigor and visibility around Project Management, while at the same time enabling the fast pace, change and empowerment provided by Agile.The Foundation-level qualification is aiming to measure whether the candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Agile Project Management guidance to be able to recognise and distinguish between the key elements of the approach. The Foundation qualification is also a prerequisite for the Practitioner qualification.

Benefits of Taking This Course :
The foundation Agile PM certification lives up to its name by providing the users of the method with the core principles needed to facilitate a successful project, while allowing a degree of scope and agility that not many other methodologies provide.

Benefits for Individuals :

● Develop a more advanced, applied level of knowledge to gain an understanding of agile and the ability to apply relevant project management methods, leading to successful agile projects.
● Clarify different management styles needed for successful agile projects compared to traditional projects and be able to tailor these to the situation.
● Actively promote trust and forge co-operation between the business and developers and gives the business ongoing visibility into what is happening.
● Combine knowledge of more traditional management methodologies with agile to better adapt to a changing business environment.
● Improve time-to-market and project success rates while simultaneously accelerating results by encouraging stakeholder involvement, feedback and effective controls

Benefits for Organizations :

● Deliver change faster, at a lower cost and with lower risk by continually validating project milestones against business objectives.
● Complements and works with existing corporate processes such as PRINCE2®, quality and audit processes which improves rigor and visibility around project management, leading to a proven track record of successful delivery in a corporate environment.
● Simply adopt a tried and tested approach rather than developing and integrating a company-specific agile management process.
● Achieve better communication and control over projects and adapt project plans without disrupting the project budget, timescale and scope.
● Develop professionalism in employees and include agile certification in employee professional development schemes
Learning Objectives :
Individuals certified at this level will have demonstrated their understanding of :
●     The underpinning philosophy and principles of Agile
●     The lifecycle of an Agile project, including alternative configurations
●     The products produced during an Agile project and the purpose of these
●     The techniques used and their benefits and limitations
●     The roles and responsibilities within an Agile project.
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