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Do you understand the psychology, the mechanisms, and the options for helping staff cope with change issues and of establishing new ways of working so that change is effective?

Global competition brings change. Mergers and acquisitions bring change. New governmental statutes and regulatory directives bring change.

As the developed world moves from a production-based to a service-based economy, you need to know the characteristics of different organizational structures, how they work and the issues that you will face as you try to help them change.

The Change Management Foundation course deals with the theories of how to change impacts on and is affected by the Individual, the Team, the Organization, and the Change Leader.

This course will provide you with underpinning knowledge of the behavior associated with managing change in organizational life, and of many key models and tools used by practitioners to address these issues effectively.

Based on the acclaimed book, “The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook” this course provide the opportunity to attain certification for Change Management Foundation issued by APMG-International.

Introductions and Objectives

Chapter 1: Organizational Change

Chapter 2: Change and the Organization: Defining Change

Chapter 3: Benefits Management

Chapter 4: Stakeholder Management

Chapter 5: Communication

Chapter 6: Change Impact

Chapter 7: Change Readiness

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

●     Understand how individuals are impacted by the change and be able to develop strategies to help people through change.
●     Develop insights into how organizations work, organizational culture, and the models and processes of change.
●     Understand the drivers of change, the change governance structures typically used in organizations, and how to define a change vision.
●     Appreciate how to prepare people for change and support their learning and motivation to change.
●     Learn about the stakeholder engagement process and how to develop suitable communications strategies and plans.
●     Appreciate the impact of change on organizations, how to build momentum for change and sustain it.
●     Understand the importance of defined change roles, and how to build and support an effective change team.

Day 1

●     Introductions and Objectives
●     The Change Management Context
●     Change and the Individual
●     Change and the Organization

Day 2

●     Stakeholder Strategy
●     Communication and Engagement

Day 3

●     Change Impact
●     Change Readiness
●     The Change Team
●     Effective teams and team development
●     Preparing for Resistance
●     Project Managers
●     Business/Process Analysts
●     Team Leaders/Supervisors
●     Senior Managers
●     IT Professionals
●     HR Professionals

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All our Instructors are Certified & Industry Experts and they have years of experience in the same filed.

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We do Provide Group Discounts such as 10% for group of 3, 15% for group of 5 and 20% for the group of 10 people.

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