Pathways to Service Excellence


Our classroom training provides you the opportunity to interact with instructors and benefit from face-to-face instruction.


Catering to the demands of busy professionals, our virtual training programs are as effective as face-to-face learning.


Our Corporate training provides you the opportunity to interact with instructors and benefit from face-to-face instruction.


High quality training from Certified & Industry Experts

Earn 16 PDUs

Course Completion Certificates

Extensive documentation provided

Reimbursement guaranteed if the training is not satisfied

Our approach is both practical and inspirational. Our training is carefully designed and tested to develop the key skills and confidence needed while being highly participatory and fun

The best learning experiences occur when you learn specific concepts, then practice them during the training and walk out with a solid technique you can apply the next day on the job. In this training we will do just that. We will learn the concepts, followed up by numerous hands-on practical activities to practice the skills so you walk out with specific best practice customer service techniques that are essential for you as a professional customer service representative to help you do an even better job than you are currently doing.

So, if you want to get even better customer feedback, provide great customer experience and consequently achieve more sales than last year this training program is very much for you.

Module 1: Realities of customer service today

  • The realities of customer service today.
  • ROI of customer success.
  • Dealing with the different customer generations (GenX, GenY, Baby boomers, traditionals).
  • Customer lifestyle questioning

Module 2: Sharpen your listening skills and memory

  • Stages of consciousness
  • Active listening skill practice.
  • Memory tips and tricks.
  • Acknowledge the words and the emotions.

Module 3: Ten Best Practice Customer Service Techniques

  • The service recovery catch.
  • When dealing with angry customers and customers showing strong emotions.
  • When you want customers to do something or follow your direction
  • When the customer is arguing
  • When the customer tells you they are having an issue
  • When the customer expresses displeasure
  • When turning negative experiences into positive ones
  • When the customer has been given wrong information
  • When we are in the wrong
  • When a customer requests a discount
  • When a customer threatens to defect to competition

After completing this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand how far customer service has evolved and acknowledge the effect of social media.
  • Identify ways to deal better with the different customer generations.
  • Practice active listening and customer lifestyle questioning.
  • Learn useful memory tips and tricks to remember customers names and other details important to them
  • Clearly understand the importance of acknowledging both words and emotions.
  • Learn a quick technique for handling angry customers
  • Identify 10 different best practice customer service techniques that can be used immediately back on the job.

Anyone who wants to develop key customer service skills, can attend the training.

There are no prerequisites for taking this course.

What does Mangates provide me on the day of the course?

We provide Course Materials, Course Completion Certificate and Refreshments

Do you provide Placements?

Placements are not guaranteed, however you can ask our trainer for the help as our trainer has contacts with corporate.

Do you provide a group discount for classroom training programs?

We do Provide Group Discounts such as 10% for group of 3, 15% for group of 5 and 20% for the group of 10 people.

If I cancel my enrolment, how can I claim my Refund?

You can request a refund by sending an email to and within 7 working days you get your money back. © 2019 . All rights reserved.